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A few tips to gain more spaces in a small house

You may have thought that the room inside the tiny house may not be too narrow. However, after the room filled with furniture, then you will feel that the room was not spacious. To get around if such things happen in the little house you have, try using some furniture with transparent or reflective material to give a wider visual effect to a tiny house. Materials such as acrylic and glass that are transparent or mirror that is reflective light can be an option to realize the impression that the room is not crowded by the furniture in the tiny house. This can be a fine method to elevate your Home Improvement.



Small House Room Efficiency Through Compact Furnishings

As mentioned earlier, furniture is one factor that can make the room in a tiny house feels small, narrow, and crowded. Another option besides choosing furniture with transparent and reflective materials is to use compact furnishings that have multiple functions.

For example under the chair or bed, then the room is wasted, you can make it as additional storage by giving a drawer under the blank. As a result, you can reduce the use of storage cabinets in small homes.

Sofa bed or folding table can also be a good choice with a flexible double function so you can adjust the furniture according to the needs of space at that time.

Maximal Lighting in Small House

The bright room will feel much wider than the dark room. This is the reason why lighting becomes one of the things you need to consider in setting a small house.

And when it comes to lighting, it will be related to the openings in the tiny house. Maximize the existing window in a tiny house or use a door that has glass so light can still go into the tiny house when the door is closed.

If the condition of the room does not allow you to bring a window, you can play with skylights so light can still sneak in.

If natural lighting is impossible you maximize, set up artificial lighting with adequate lights. One main light may not be enough, so add decorative lights, especially on the corner of the room is minimal light so that the lighting in the tiny house so much the maximum.

A couple of tips for organizing the space in a small house

Organizing a small house can be a challenge in itself because the number and area of the room may not fit your needs. This resulted in the small size of the existing space in a tiny house. Then, how to make these cramped rooms, surely your little house remains functional and comfortable to live in? There are some errors and problems that you will usually encounter when setting a small house. To avoid this, let’s see various tips and tricks to arrange your dream home for the sake of a fine Home Improvement.

Right Color Selection in Small House

Most people choose to paint or color in a tiny house based on taste or color favorite. This is certainly not wrong, even good because it is able to provide psychological comfort for the residents of the house because the color he likes can he enjoy in his little house every day.

However, you need to know if not all colors suitable to be applied to every tiny house. Especially considering a tiny house identical with the spaces are also tiny.

To make a small house interior feels so much wider, it’s good you use bright colors in the little house you have. The white color is the best color to make the room narrow feels brighter and spacious. However, if the white color impressed monotonous or too plain, other bright colors like beige or young colors can also be an option for a small house.

Avoid Excess Patterns in Every Room of Your Little House

In addition to dark colors, excessive patterns, too crowded or dense, will make the room seem much more cramped and even messy. Avoid the use of patterns in small homes, unless the room is relatively spacious. The pattern is chosen also try to have a simple pattern. That way, you do not have to worry about the patterns on the carpet or wallpaper in the room will make a tiny house feels narrow and congested.

Choice of patterns can also give a visual effect on your tiny room. The horizontal pattern will make space seem higher, while the vertical pattern can make a small house seem wider. Adjust this pattern to the state of space in the little house you have.

Tips for choosing the paint color for your house

Paint walls have a variety of roles, namely for interior and exterior. Its function is the same, ie as a final polish to cover the original shape of a wall in order to have a neat and beautiful surface for your Home Improvement. However, do you know that choosing a house paint color for your outdoor appearance is not as easy as choosing paint in the house or interior of the house? Why is that? Yep! The cause is weather changes such as direct exposure to sunlight and rainwater.

Choosing a paint color for the exterior of the house is better than just aesthetic attachment, but more to the strength and endurance of paint.

Before you choose paint for the exterior or look of your home, yuk! Consider the first thin following.


The most important thing in choosing paint for the home exterior is Resilience, which is resistant to exfoliate, extreme weather resistance, and anti-fungal.

Especially if you live in areas that are often affected by flooding, you should choose an interior wall paint that is also anti fungus and easy to clean.

Paint that is classified as expensive and quality is not a guarantee. There are some things that do need to be done before you apply the paint on the exterior walls of your home.


Safe is meant in choosing wall paint is safe to use and do not disturb the health of the inhabitants of the house.

Choose wall paint that is environmentally friendly and contains no lead or mercury ingredients.

In addition to these substances, now also rampant once a dangerous wall paint containing toxic lead.

Toxic lead concentrations are commonly found in bright colors such as yellow, orange, red and green paint.

Design accordingly

Well, this is also not behind.

The choice of paint color must be in accordance with the design of your home facade.

If you want to combine natural stone to accent the texture of the exterior of your home, try not mix with colors that are too flashy, because it will look redundant and less unsightly.

When the roof uses a gray color, you are free to use any color for the home exterior because of the neutral gray color and easily combined with other colors.

Those are the tips that we can share with you, and we hope it helps you to understand more the right ways to choose the correct paint color for your house.